Sunday, April 29, 2018

A failed experiment in Socialism...

The Communist Manifesto had vastly more influence on the intellectual mind than it does today. And during the 1930s, the wish of the world's politicians to "plan" other men's lives was strong and writings such as the Manifesto undoubtedly contributed to the birth of the Back to the Land movement, an intellectual fad that swept through the brains of many 1930s Western politicians.

Based on a town in Russia's Siberia, that intellectual giant Eleanor Roosevelt decided it would be great to create a government-run town allying agriculture and industry.

Welcome to Arthurdale, West Virginia. A fascinating disaster.

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Daily Bites from “Sometimes God Has a kid’s face”: Series 4: Prayers for the Kids on the Street

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Cambridge Analytica Scandal Goes Much Further Than Public Knows

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Rush Limbaugh Turns the Sean Hannity ‘Scandal’ Around on the ‘Drive-By Media’

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YES!! Hillary Clinton Is About To Be Locked Up For Good - Justice Is About To Be Served

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Trump Discovers an Easy Way to Send Corrupt Hillary To Prison FOR LIFE – You Will Cheer!

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Hillary Clinton:To Headline DNC Forum next month

Hillary Clinton to headline DNC Forum next month

President Trump Orders High Honor for Barbara Bush After Her Death – ‘As a Mark of Respect…’

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


We've all heard it said that a "Little Tender Loving Care" goes a long way into Healing what is Broken! That being said, for the most part it isn't Practiced On a Large Scale of any kind...Oh now People are quick to Criticize, Ostracize While Pointing out Every Error you've ever made (including Future ones) but "Nurturing" well for the most part you can forget that one! I guess the Truth is the so-called Cures for what Ales seems to be Obscured, Blurred or Misunderstood Completely ...Remember the old song from the 60's: "What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love" well LIBERALISM "Pissed All Over That Parade" Or maybe that's what "New Math" was all about...NOTHING makes sense anymore & as for as "Logic & Reason"goes they can't even make the cut for a Television Game or Quiz Show! By Thai I mean the  only Propose that Television serves any more (for Decades) is the Promotion of "Left Wing Propaganda"...That is "Indoctrination into Communism or Slavery" if you will...