Saturday, April 20, 2019

Rod Rosenstein Looks Guilty As Sin During Barr Press Conference

Attorney General Bill Barr NEEDS TO GET RID OF THE TRADER Rod Rosenstein

Rod Rosenstein Looks Guilty As Sin During Barr Press Conference

Today, the eyes of the media were fixed on Attorney General Bill Barr as he gave his long-awaited press conference ahead of his release of the redacted report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
To his side, however, was an incredibly guilty-looking Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
For some context into exactly why the Deputy Attorney General would look so incredibly nervous and guilty during this pivotal press conference which finally puts to bed the phony Trump-Russia collusion narrative, however, let’s revisit the role Rosenstein played in the treasonous set-up of the President.

300 Illegals Stopped By Armed Militia- “United Constitutional Patriots”

 Border Crisis Caught on Video: 300 Illegals Stopped By Armed Militia
Border Crisis Caught On Video: 300 Illegals Stopped By Armed Militia
“United Constitutional Patriots” detained the group after watching them cross through a fence gap

(Infowars) – Hundreds of immigrants illegally crossing into the United States were stopped by a small militia called “United Constitutional Patriots” (UCP) Tuesday night near Sundland Park, New Mexico.

The militia, mostly comprised of veterans and former police officers, turned the large group over to Border Patrol as they are not allowed to capture anyone they encounter crossing.

STASI TACTICS:Social Media blocks deeper truths...Truth and the Ability to Speak It Under Direct Attack


Muslim Pakistani immigrant RUNNING UNOPPOSED for FL HOUSE.

My question is who is financing this guy?  

Uncovered New Info!

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Imtiaz Mohammad the Muslim immigrant from Pakistan who became a U.S. citizen 4yrs ago & is running unopposed for FL House of Representative for 2020 election feels: “America [is] run on hate” and "American people are the most uneducated nation in the world."

Friday, April 19, 2019


by Joe Esposito

State Of The Democrat Party, Part 2 OF 2

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State Of The Democrat Party, Part 2
 by Roger Anghis

This attitude of ignoring our Constitution has been in the Democrat party for a long time. Even in FDR’s days, he was willing to “stack” the US Supreme Court to get his New Deal through the Courts which I discussed in my last column.[1] The Carter administration established a full-blown government Department of Education even though there is no provision in the Constitution for this. Carter and FDR were both Democrats and then came Democrat LBJ and pushed the government further out of its constitutional jurisdiction by initiating Medicare: Medicare was created in 1965 when people over 65 found it virtually impossible to get private health insurance coverage. 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Socialism: STINKS...

Socialism: A Track Record of Failure
 Is it the centrally planned economies of Cuba and North Korea? Or the kleptocracies of Zimbabwe and Venezuela?
How about the interventionist welfare states of GreeceItaly, and France? Or the redistribution-oriented Nordic nations?

Mia Marie Pope - Truth About Barack Obama!

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Woman Claims To Have Known Obama In High School, And What She Says About Him Is Shocking
Mia Marie Pope says she knew former President Barack Obama way back when they were both in high school in Honolulu, Hawaii in the 1970s, and the stuff she says about him is pretty shocking.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

VERITAS PROJECT:Can your bank ban you for your political views?

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Dear Patriot, 

Can your bank ban you for your political views?

It sounds like something from a George Orwell novel or an authoritarian regime.  But in America, can someone restrict the flow of money of their political enemies?
In our The Twitter investigation, Veritas has shown you “Deplatforming.” It's the way big tech removes political commentators from their platforms to thwart political speech.  
In our the latest investigation, Project Veritas journalists uncover “Debanking.” 

The DNC Trojan Horse, Facebook (And Google And Twitter)

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The DNC Trojan Horse, Facebook (And Google And Twitter)
“According to socialist Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, Facebook and other tech giants such as Google, Twitter, and Amazon should be broken up. In an ironic twist, Facebook immediately validated the senator’s concerns by taking down her Facebook page soon after she called for Facebook’s dismantling.”

“Although it pains me to say this, Warren is right. In fact, in all likelihood, that’s one area where many conservatives would agree with the socialist-leaning Massachusetts senator. After all, it’s an established fact that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, along with Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and many other social media platforms actively and regularly censor conservatives. It’s not even up for debate at this point. Facebook has admitted its bias.”

Why Democrats’ New “Morality” Messaging Will Fail

Why Democrats’ New “Morality” Messaging Will Fail