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Janet Varney

This Letter was sent to me and I wanted to Share it with you my Readers. I encourage you, my Readers and Patriots, to comment on my essays and to pass alone any letters like this and we will see that they get posted.
Thank You, My Readers and Friends,
Janet Varney  

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Dear fellow Patriots,

With all my being, I believe that Judge Kavanaugh and his family are not persecuted in vain. I believe that President Trump and his family are not persecuted in vain. The Rally attendees who have been ridiculed, sucker punched, had things thrown at them, and suffered great indignity were not persecuted in vain, and you, my MAGA friends, are not persecuted in vain. I believe God has been in control since before the beginning of time and that He is using these events and abuses to shed light on the corrupt and expose all hypocrisy and every evil deed. Not as punishment, but as a cautionary example to all of us, and an opportunity to change course through the renewing of our mind.

We are becoming acutely aware of just how bad things have become and how far we have strayed from our founding principles. We are seeing a generational plan to supplant our system of governance come into focus, laid bare for all to see in its most ugly and sinister form. We are understanding just how important our God-given Constitutional rights are and how they are being diminished and perverted by despicable and power-hungry would-be gods. We are becoming wise to the corruption and manipulations of those who would destroy us from within, and perhaps most importantly, we have been forced to ask ourselves how we could have ever allowed it to go this far.

This wasn't happenstance. This wasn't accidental. This time. The time we are now living in. The events which are now unfolding before our very eyes. The truths that are coming to light. The lies that are being exposed. The despicable evil now openly displayed. The perversions uncovered. The corruption and deceit forced into the open. The sheer unfathomable enormity of it all. It's all too perfectly timed, too patently undeniable, too well orchestrated, and far too complex to be the work of man or even chance. This great awakening was planned and accounted for long before we ever took our first breath. This is divine intervention.

When I was a child I feared "The End Times". Anyone who has read revelations will certainly know why. I wasn't the best model of Christianity. I remember getting caught after weeks of playing in the creek behind the church when I was supposed to be in Sunday School and getting a whipping right there in the parking lot, but I did manage to glean the basics and I worried that someone could choose evil on accident and get left behind or sent straight to hell. It was inconceivable to me that anyone would ever knowingly choose evil over good. It would have to be a trick of some kind. In the world I lived in, everyone believed in God, so who in their right mind would take a side against Him? We all knew the end of the book and we all knew who would win the final battle. No brainer, right? But the fact remained that what I read said there would be those who chose to side against God. It just did not compute in my 7-year-old mind.

The Preacher told me that no one would or could predict the day of the Rapture. This was terrible news because I asked about it so that I could make sure to be on my best behavior the day before and the day of. There was the talk of "a thief in the night" and I was really in panic mode by that point. With all the sinning I did, the odds were stacked against me and I knew it. My solution to this problem was to wake up first thing in the morning and declare the end would come that day. That way it couldn't happen because I predicted it would. I did this every morning, and every night I asked for forgiveness of all the sins I invariably committed that day so that I would be covered until the first sin the next day which was ok because I would have made my daily prediction by then. I just had to make sure I made my daily prediction before I started sinning. Laugh if you want, but it made perfect sense at the time and I felt a lot better about things once I got the routine down.

Flash forward 44 years to the present. I still pray for forgiveness nightly but I did manage to quit on the end of the world predictions. I'm 51 and I live in a different world now. What was once inconceivable to me, is now a commonplace reality. People are deliberately and openly choosing to side against God, against good, against all righteousness, and against all who don't. Far more are not making that decision consciously though. In my honest opinion, what we are witnessing is the choosing of sides. The overwhelming revelation of truths being exposed along with all that was hidden is not without reason. There will be no accidental choices. The things being shown to us are forcing us to face the truth and make a conscious decision. Sides are being chosen and it's about a lot more than political party's. The present political landscape is only a microcosmic view of a much larger truth. There is no bipartisanship because there is no commonality between the two ideological platforms. Likewise, there is no commonality between good and evil. No middle ground. Nowhere left to hide, and no way to avoid the consequences of our actions and choices.

I love my country and I cannot give up the fight for her, but I do realize there is much more at stake here. I do realize there is much beyond my control or even my comprehension, and I realize who is in control and has been all along. As much as I want to fight this battle in the streets, I know that the better path is to follow the lead of Judge Kavanaugh's Daughter. Punching Antifa punks may feel great, but praying for my enemy and showing compassion is more often to greater effect. I will stand my ground. I will defend myself, my family, my country, and my fellow Patriots, but the lesson from today was that often, our sacrifice and willingness to endure persecution is far more effective a weapon than an uppercut. We saw it today, when a good man was set upon by predators, their evil tactics and dishonest agenda were made plain to see by millions. For me, a blameless man endured crucifixion on my behalf. Who am I to refuse to endure so much less for his purposes? I'm sorry for the long diatribe, but today affected me in ways I had not anticipated.

Yours truly,
Ricky B. Martin

By Janet Varney And Janet Varney's America

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