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Janet Varney

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The unidentified “prominent Republican donor” reportedly offering a $50,000 reward for the identity of the person who claims to be a high-ranking member of President Donald Trump’s administration who penned an anonymous Op-Ed piece for the New York Times and claimed they were working to actively protect the country from some of the president’s actions, should save his/her/their money for a more worthy cause.

While there are untold numbers of Barack Obama holdovers surrounding the Trump administration eagerly waiting to plunge a knife into the president’s back, the anonymous Op-Ed New York Times piece was done in such a way that the writer could never be identified.

The Op-Ed NYT piece was intended to send the Trump admin out on what is proverbially called a ‘wild goose chase’.

Jokers and jackasses of the first class, the prog-left are the indisputable masters of the game—any game that would relieve America of its 45th.

Having White House power brokers portrayed as running throughout the corridors of power, shouting the childhood Blind Man’s Bluff chant, “Come out, come out wherever you are”  is part of their latest chasing shadows endeavor.

We already know that there has been little anonymity from the assorted hate-filled anti-Trumpers still on the government payroll, whose smears the mainstream and social media are all too eager to chronicle.

Seeking saturation publicity for their messages, they bark out their insults arrogantly, boldly and loudly.

Take, for example, Eric Schmidt’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board member William H. McRaven, a retired Navy admiral, who was commander of the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command from 2011 to 2014 and oversaw the 2011 Navy SEAL raid in Pakistan that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

McRaven needed no anonymity when he openly chastised President Trump for revoking the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan, stating:

“Former CIA director John Brennan, whose security clearance you revoked on Wednesday, is one of the finest public servants I have ever known. Few Americans have done more to protect this country than John. He is a man of unparalleled integrity, whose honesty and character have never been in question, except by those who don’t know him.

“Therefore, I would consider it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance as well, so I can add my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency.”

Who needs the cover of anonymity when both Schmidt and McRaven work for the U.S. Department of Defense?
The $50,000 award will never be claimed because the boastful, attention-getting NYT op-ed, more than likely written by one of their own bootlicking lackeys, falls perfectly into the poison pen letter category. It was devised to remain forever as an unsolved mystery.

“Charlie Kirk, the founder of the conservative campus activist group Turning Point USA, went on Twitter early Thursday morning to announce the reward offer.

“The reward offer comes in reaction to the Op-Ed published Wednesday and titled, “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.” The Times would only identify the writer as “a senior official in the Trump administration whose identity is known to us.”
“The paper said it was taking the rare step of publishing an anonymous Op-Ed “because we believe it is the only way to deliver an important perspective to our readers.”

Unfortunately for their country, readers of the New York Times no longer have any perspective, having been robbed of it during decades of reading the biggest newspaper-gone-activist of all time.

Stow away your worries Trump supporters vice president Mike Pence,  HUD secretary Ben Carson, and a host of cabinet secretaries and senior aides saying they didn’t do it, including UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who foolishly penned a ‘It Wasn’t Me’ Washington Post article,  and cease feeling pressed to demonstrate your support for Trump on the NYT-advocating Twitter.

Your president has been surrounded by back-stabbers for, almost two years now and has somehow survived each and every one of them.

If Republicans continue to fall for every false flag operation launched by the NYT, its editors and reporters will only accelerate their games.

Meanwhile, in the latest anonymous NYT Op-ed exercise, the age-old niggling question: “Who was that masked man” may finally have been answered.

The ‘Masked Man’ was—just as it usually is—the disingenuous New York Times.

By Janet Varney

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