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TOWN CRIER: Information That's Become Available And More...11/08/2018 - Trump Scores Historic Win In “Blue Trickle” Election:

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Trump Scores Historic Win In “Blue Trickle” Election:—THE END TO ...NEVER TUMPSTER'S

Now Sets His Sights On Total Globalist Destruction

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President Donald Trump proclaims history election victory on 7 November 2018
 According to this report, the United States is a constitutional republic having a tripartite system of equal power being shared between its ExecutiveLegislative and Judicial branches of government—with the Executive Branch is under the sole control of the President, the Judicial Branch totally subservient to the US Supreme Court, and the Legislative Branch is a bicameral lawmaking body consisting of the US Senate and the US House of Representatives.
Upon President Trump taking power of the Executive Branch on 20 January 2017, this report details, his Republican Party had control of both the US Senate and the US House—but with the vast majority of these Republicans being what are described as “Never Trumpers”—whom Trump targeted for total destruction (either by forced resignations or election defeat) in yesterday’s 2018 Midterm Election that even had the leftist Vox News Service noting: “Whether Republicans lose the House, the Senate, both, or neither, one thing is certain…The ranks of the not-quite-Trumpers will be thinned come January-2019”.

With this sizeable “Never Trump” faction within the Republican Party is in constant conflict with President Trump throughout his nearly two years in office, this report says, they turned the US House into an almost ungovernable lawmaking body—with their last year only producing 768 bills they sent to the US Senate, 569 of which remain un-acted upon—as opposed to the previous Congress (a Congress lasts two years) that introduced a total of 10,078 bills, and sent 329 of those to President Obama for signing—with it further to be noted that once a Congress adjourns (as will occur on 3 January 2019), all bills that have been introduced in either the US House or the US Senate that have not made it through the entire legislative process and signed into law are dead.

Knowing that he couldn’t engage in open political warfare against these “Never Trumpers” in his own Republican Party controlled US House, this report continues, President Trump decided to ignore them and put his full weight and power behind expelling from the US Senate their “Never Trump” faction, while at the same time ensuring that he could expand their Republican majority—a nearly impossible feat to accomplish as this had only been done 5 times in the past 105 years—but that, nevertheless, Trump stunningly accomplished yesterday—thus leading even Hillary Clinton’s top political operative Philippe Reines to proclaim that Trump had secured his 2020 reelection, and his further to bemoan about Trump: “He is a freak of nature, and it doesn’t matter if he’s dumb or not. It doesn’t matter what I think. He is a bulldozer”.

To how much of a political “bulldozer” mastermind President Trump, in fact, really is, this report explains, can be seen in how he took over the entire US Senate—and was brilliantly displayed by his giving Republican Party US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell what he had long dreamed of his entire political life—total conservative control over the Judicial Branch of the US government.

Working hand-in-hand with Senate Leader McConnell, this report further details, and in less than two years, President Trump has placed on the US Supreme Court two of its most conservative judges in history, Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh, that now gives this court an unbreakable conservative majority—with his further having placed 84 strict conservative judges in US Federal District Courts, 29 of whom are US Federal Appellate Judges—and with his historic election victory yesterday, is now able to fill 111 vacancies in US District Courts and 11 vacancies on the US Court of Appeals with conservatives, too.

Though the leftist Democrats are proclaiming their “blue trickle” takeover of the US House as some kind of victory, this report continues, nothing could be further from the truth—as the now fully conservative Trump-McConnell justices on the US Supreme Court are poised to deliver some of the most destructive blows to these leftists they’ve ever experienced—and whose weapons of mass destruction to do so are:

The case titled Gamble v. United States—that will expand President Trump’s absolute pardon ability to include State, not just Federal, crimes and offenses.

The case titled Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck—that is set to declare that all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) are public forums protected by the First Amendment whose users can’t be banned or blocked because of what they say, or what religious and/or political beliefs they have.

The case titled Pereira v. Sessions—that recently retired US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy championed to destroy the Chevron Deference Doctrine that underpins the entirety of the leftist created bureaucratic-regulatory state, and that his replacement, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, fully supports doing, too.

Any of these leftist Democrats believing, too, that their “blue trickle” takeover of the US House will enable them to roadblock President Trump’s agenda to destroy globalist forces by tying him down in countless investigations, this report notes, is almost comical for anyone believing such a thing can happen—most particularly because all Trump has to do is follow former President Obama’s guidebook for stonewalling these lawmakers of an opposition party—that was so complex and masterful, nearly all of Obama’s own appointed Inspector Generals ran to the Republican Party controlled US Congress and pleaded for them to save them.

Being most overlooked, too, of one of the other most important victories for President Trump in this “blue trickle” election, this report concludes, is that the “Never Trump” Republican Party controlled US House has now been replaced by a Democrat Party controlled one—whose minor victory was achieved by virtually none of these Democrats even mentioning Trump in their campaign ads—with their, instead, choosing to promise the American people who voted for them that they’d “work across the aisle” to accomplish things—but if they fail to keep this promise will, most assuredly, provide to Trump all the ammunition he needs to expose them as lying hypocrites as he soars to another four years of power in 2020.

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