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Janet Varney

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Hollywood, the home of pedophiles and the casting couch, produces more sexual assault victims than movies worth watching, and now they are indignant because the phony character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh failed. After Kavanaugh was confirmed, Pedowood exploded on Rep. Susan Collins. The usual Hellywood suspects declared war on Republicans and the American people.

Moreover, even Hellywood “has-beens” came out of the woodwork to condemn Republicans. George Takei tooted:  “As a Buddhist, it is my practice to have compassion for all people. But @SenatorCollins is really testing my limits right now.”

If Takei had any real compassion at all, he would have stood up for Kavanaugh’s right to defend himself and asked that Ford produce credible evidence to back up her accusation. Instead, like his fellow Hellywood DemonRats, Takei found Kavanaugh guilty without a shred of evidence.
I wonder how he would feel if a man came forward and accused him of sexual assault. Wait, he was accused of sexual assault. Using Takei’s own standards, he is guilty by accusation. We don’t need any proof Takei sexually assaulted another man. The accusation is all we need.
And, how would Hellywood outrage be complete without a toot from meat-head, Rob Reiner, from All in the Family.

 Reiner tooted:  “Susan Collins turns her back on women who have been traumatized by sexual assault. Elections have consequences. To start turning the ship of state back towards the rule of law, decency, truth, and the preservation of Democracy, Nov. 6 has to be a lot more than a blue wave. VOTE!!!”

Reiner is right that the ship of state needs to steer to the rule of law, decency, and truth, and it’s currently heading back that way again under President Trump. The evil blue wave that Reiner wants would turn us in the opposite direction- back to the lies, deception, and lawlessness that we experienced under the Soetoro-Biden-Clinton regime.

By the way, Democrats used the same tactics to cover-up after Benghazi. They falsely accused an innocent documentary filmmaker of the terrorist attack that took the lives of four Americans. We didn’t hear Hellywood object to that because lying, falsely accusing and imprisoning others for their own misdeeds is the Democrat’s and Hellywood’s twisted idea of decency, truth and the rule of law.

Even writer, Stephen King put his two cents in. King tooted:  “Susan Collins says she will vote to confirm Kavanaugh, partially because the man who lied repeatedly in his confirmation hearings told her he considered Roe “settled law.” Senator Collins, there is still time to change your mind and do the right thing.”

Obviously, King has no grip on reality if he thinks women don’t lie and have never falsely accused a man of sexual assault. Liberal nuts totally ignored the fact Ford’s story was refuted by her own witness, who said she didn’t even know Kavanaugh. She was even coerced to change her story and lie for Ford.

Maybe King and Reiner should read the BBC article, “What is it like being falsely accused of rape”. The BBC article was about Liam Allan who was falsely accused of multiple counts of rape. In another incident, a South Setauket, N.Y. woman claimed she was pulled into a bathroom by two Sacred HeartUniversity students during a football party in Bridgeport, CT. and raped.

Like the Duke Lacross players, who were also falsely accused of rape, all of the accused were innocent, but to hear the left and feminists tell it, they were all guilty because they were accused and because they are men.

In my opinion, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was the victim of a phony character assassination attempt, and if the DemonRats win in November, we can expect more lies, false accusations and injustice, just like we observed at the Kavanaugh confirmation. That’s why all Deplorables must get out and vote these socialists out of office on November 6th. Our country and our lives depend on it.

By Janet Varney And Janet Varney's America

The Corrupt, Communist/Demon-Rats have tried for years to convince people that the Republicans are the problem, BULLSHIT!

The Corrupt, Communist/Demon-Rats have tried for years to convince people that the Republicans are the problem, BULLSHIT!
Republicans are Conservatives, and we believe in working for what you want, and NOT expecting someone to supply it, or sit around whining and BLAMING everyone else for their irresponsibility!!!

The rich are NOT to blame, for the Corrupt, Communist/Demon-Rats that are DESTROYING America from within!! Robbing legal American taxpayers to support the rest of the world is just wrong!! Socialism and Communism are just WRONG! It has NOT worked to help build up ANY country up that they have INVADED and DESTROYED!! Iran, Iraq, Africa, Indonesia, China, Japan, etc…..are all third world hell holes because of Communism and Islam!! Millions every year try desperately to ESCAPE the EVILS of Communism and Islam, and to come to America!! We MUST keep America SECURE and SAFE, and that entails SECURING OUR BORDERS!! DEPORTING THE CRIMINALS! BUILDING THE WALL!! Put our military veterans to work securing our borders!! NO jobs to Illegals!! Start penalizing companies that hire them!! 


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