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Christine Blasey Ford Is Not Credible by Memory, Relationships, or Morality

Across the dimensions of her memory, her relationships, and her morality, all indications are that Christine Blasey Ford is either lying or deluded.

Her memory array is not plausible, given the events in her allegation.  Have you ever been in a situation of natural disaster, crime, or accident wherein you were momentarily in fear of losing your life?  Do you remember the location you were in?  At such moments, the sensory portals open wide, creating an array of indelible memories, especially regarding the location.  In the case of an attack, the avalanche of sensory input involved in the will to survive tends to obscure rather than clarify the identity of the attacker.  This is why there are so many false accusations of rape. You also do not remember what you ate for lunch that day.

Blasey Ford's memory array is inconsistent with traumatic memory formation.  She does not remember the location.  She remembers "100%" the identity of Brett Kavanaugh, the fact that she conveniently drank only one beer enabling a clear head to remember only Brett.  The assault is often described as a horrible crime.  That is felony inflation.  The only thing that made the incident important is the identity of the accused, which is also the only alleged fact Christine Blasey Ford claims to remember.

Nor is this a scenario where a so-called repressed memory develops.  Repressed memories typically develop when the sexual abuse is of such shock and betrayal, such as incestuous rape, that the mind dissociates from reality and the unbearable memory submerges into the unconscious.  It is not plausible that a fifteen-year-old girl at a party momentarily held down by an acquaintance and prevented from screaming would develop a repressed memory, said memory unlocked thirty years later at the time of a home remodeling project.  This is just nonsense.

Here is a psychodynamic speculation that would not hold up in a court of law, so I won't send a bill. As an unconscious defense mechanism, the mind tends to transfer memories of trauma, or expiate its own guilt, by projecting the least threatening and most physically safe person into the role of perpetrator. 

It's also smart in terms of the accused not coming back around and knocking your block off. Blasey Ford confabulated a drama wherein the most gentlemanly and highest achieving boy became her attacker while typecasting another popular boy, Mark Judge, as her rescuer. Judge also denies being at the party and witnessing the event.

The people who know Christine Blasey Ford are nowhere to be found.  When Brett Kavanaugh was accused, hundreds of friends and associates going back to his childhood gathered around him to attest to his character and integrity.  No one, parents, family, friends, or colleagues, is standing by Christine Blasey Ford.  Not only is no one (save the husband, somewhat) corroborating her charges, but no one is choosing to publicly attest to her character or integrity.  During the hearing, Kavanaugh's supporters surrounded him.  Blasey Ford was alone with the lawyers Dianne Feinstein sent her to.  It appears the people closest to her either don't believe her or doesn't trust her.

Christine Blasey Ford has wrapped herself in the moral cloak of civic responsibility, yet she is acting like a character from a dumb blond joke.  Apart from the objective falsehoods such as the lies that she can't fly commercial and that she passed a lie-detector test, her behavior is a far cry from a civically responsible adult.  She seems like a middle school girl peeking out from the hair that covers her face.  Blasey Ford is avoiding the most basic facts about this monumentally significant case, though it is driven by her words.  She didn't know who is paying her attorneys, or who arranged for her lie-detector test, or if she took it on the same day as her grandmother's funeral.  Incredibly, she claimed that she didn't know that the Senate Judiciary committee had offered to interview her in a confidential setting in California.  Everyone in America but her knew that.  If true, her ignorance resulted from a major ethical offense committed by her attorneys.  They needed her in front of the cameras, whatever harm might befall her or her children.  If her claim was sincere, then she stopped accepting information about the case weeks ago.

Dr. Ford offered only two pieces of documentary evidence supporting her claim: lie-detector results and therapy notes from 2012.  In both cases, the underlying data were withheld.  This is not the behavior of an ethical, published psychologist.  She is a professional number-cruncher.  How many blonds does it take to find out about a cool half-million in a GoFundMe account?  At least one blond more than Christine Blasey Ford, who chooses to dwell in uninterrupted California dreamin' and let the grown-ups tell her what to do.

Anyone who calls Christine Blasey Ford a credible witness has been brainwashed by the "white privilege" and "toxic masculinity" cults and is in need of kidnapping and deprogramming to regain his common sense.


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