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Janet Varney

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YO!” rank and file of the boisterous and belligerent ‘Resistance’ Movement:

Your failing ‘leader’ is pulling you toward an Election Night 2016-like disaster for Midterms.
Losing Rock Star status by the day, ’Resistance Leader’ Barack Hussein Obama is showing what no leader should ever show mid-Midterm battle: Desperation!

You can actually hear his desperation by tuning in his voice:

Notice the desperation in ‘I GUY’ Obama’s new pipsqueak voice?
‘Avoid sounding desperate in any battle’ is not one of the dictates of Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’, which is all that Obama knows, a Marxist bible he swallowed whole.

Re-teaming up with sidekick Hillary Clinton in recent days, Obama and Clinton both claim that President Trump and Republicans are trying to win November midterms by “scaring voters”.

Obama and Clinton already did that back in 2016. But in some back-handed way of offering hope, both are actually fear-mongering themselves. While rallying Democrats for Pennsylvania candidates on Friday night, Obama went off the deep end, claiming Republicans want to leave the disabled and those in nursing homes “out in the cold.”

A glum-faced Hillary claimed that Trump is going to go on a firing spree after the election, presumably because that’s what Hitler did, and we all know how much he loves Hitler, so…yeah…

“They’re trying to scare the heck out of you,” Obama said before launching into an anti-Trump screed and stoking fear about the President’s agenda.
“When we take our basic rights for granted, then other voices fill the void,” Obama warned.” He ought to know because filling the void left behind by activist-created chaos/anarchy is what Marxists/Communists systematically do.

Marxist projection is at the forefront of Obama’s claim:
“And they promise to fight for the little guy, even as they are helping the wealthiest and the most powerful. And they promised they’re going to take on corruption in Washington, and then they just plunder,” he said.”

What a joke! Obama himself is a seated member of “the wealthiest and most powerful” who mysteriously came out of the presidency as super rich.
Check out the treachery of his Marxist claims:
“And they start undermining our institutions of democracy,” Obama continued, waving his finger, “just so it can entrench their power further. And they’ll unwind our campaign finance laws so that billionaires have even more influence and they’ll make it even harder for young people to vote and minorities to vote and the poor to vote.”
Obama predicted Republicans will “subsidize corporate polluters,” before going on to slam the Trump tax cut. Thanks for the heads up, pal’, Trump must be thinking.

He went on to claim in order to “pay for” the tax decrease, Republicans will “cut help for working families. Obama said what he thinks Republicans will do will be “radical” — a word he never used when describing Islamic terrorists blowing up women and children. Of course not! To Obama, terrorists were JV club material who should be kept safe from citizen criticism of any kind. “And all they want to do is protect their power, even if it hurts the country,” he declared.

Excuse me, but doesn’t hate America so much you want to fundamentally transform it, “hurting the country”? That’s Obama up close in 3-D dimension.

Now, how about Hillary Clinton, who should be looking after her own declining health, rather than sickening half of her own country.

Meanwhile, on Maddow last week, Hillary speculated that President Trump is going to “wholesale fire people … and if we don’t have one or both houses of Congress in place, he will be even more uncontrollable and unaccountable. Hillary surmised that Trump will “fire people in the White House and his administration who he thinks are crossing him, questioning him, undermining him.”

Well, for the latter: It was Clinton and Obama who left them at risk by leaving them there to undermine Trump in the first place.

She went on to claim Trump is “close to being uncontrollable.”
Who is the real fear, monger? Or, as Obama went on to tell his audience, The good news is, in a healthy democracy that kind of fear-mongering doesn’t work. You betcha, Mr. Obama and neither does putting your utter desperation on full display.

In the meantime, the once Dem-dubbed “smartest guy in the room”, still hasn’t figured out that in all the high-pitched screeching chants now dominating our day, we can’t hear the Resistance Leader, who started it all, anymore.

By Janet Varney And Janet Varney's America

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