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Janet Varney


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What Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein didn’t know about her office manager/personal chauffeur—and now professes not to know now about Facebook—can be America’s final deathblow, from which there may be no known comeback.

In fact, the twofold ‘Di-didn’t-know-syndrome’ is far deadlier to the national security of America than President Donald Trump could ever be.

Everything important to America seems to have flown right over Feinstein’s senatorial head.

For 20 long years, Feinstein reportedly had a Chinese spy—working uninterrupted—in her San Francisco office.

When authorities finally blew the whistle in Feinstein’s ear and had no choice but to boot the spy out, he went on to the office of then-San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, the same office once held by good old Senator Dianne Feinstein when she was mayor.

The senator Dems affectionately call “Di” reportedly did not know the Chinese spy was at work— even though right under her very nose—until five years ago.

Feinstein only found out when the FBI gave her a much-belated heads up in 2013. The public at large only found out via stories that emerged over this past weekend.

According to Politico and the San Francisco Chronicle, “the mole from the communist government served as Feinstein’s driver, an office gofer, a liaison to the Asian-American community, and even attended Chinese consulate functions on behalf of the senator.”

Could it be China where Hillary Clinton’s missing emails ended up? With the FBI now covering for Clinton, we’ll likely never ever know.

This was supposedly Feinstein’s status when the FBI filled her in about spies on the loose in her had-to-be-ChiCom-used office:
“Mortified” “by the shocking news.

She reportedly forced the spy into resignation, but failed to tell her staff—or the masses—about the “shocking revelation”.

The Chinese spy was unnamed in the Politico and San Francisco Chronicle stories, but according to the Daily caller, ‘All Signs Point to One Man As Chinese Spy in Feinstein’s Staff’.

And he wasn’t a ‘Driving Miss Daisy Di type driver but was instead listed on Feinstein’s payroll as an “office director” in 2013, according to records maintained by the Sunlight Foundation.

Her longtime staffer, Russell Lowe, fits the description of the reported spy. Feinstein’s office refused to comment on whether Lowe was the spy. All the details of a former, longtime Sen. Dianne Feinstein staffer who’s accused of relaying information to Chinese intelligence services while working for the California Democrat point to Russell Lowe.

Lowe worked for 20 years in Feinstein’s San Francisco office, where he was a staff liaison to the Asian-American community before leaving approximately five years ago. All those details match up with the descriptions of the Chinese spy Feinstein reportedly employed.

Chinese intelligence once recruited a staff member at a California office of U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and the source reported back to China about local politics, describing the staffer as “a liaison to the local Chinese community” who was secretly “reporting back” to Chinese intelligence services.”

While the FBI saw Lowe as a spy, Feinstein saw him as someone potentially being sought out by the Chinese government to provide information.
“He was not a mole or a spy, but someone who a foreign intelligence service thought it could recruit,” Feinstein said.”

Fancy footwork, indeed from Feinstein’s ‘Didn’t Know Department’.

Feinstein has said that the spy had “no access to sensitive information,” and the former staffer was never prosecuted.

Lowe now works with the Education for Social Justice Foundation, a San Francisco-based nonprofit that says it’s focused on “educating the public on the Japanese military’s ‘comfort women’ system, which forced over 200,000 girls and women from at least 13 Asian countries into sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army before and during WWII.

And those revelations don’t even include The Federalists’ revelation that Feinstein failed to disclose that one of her former staffers, Daniel Jones, had hired Fusion GPS and ex-British spy Christopher Steele to dig up dirt on Donald Trump after the 2016 election.

In any case, the 20-year-long office spy was one ‘Di’ horse that got to go stampeding out of the barn.

Just as chilling and largely unrealized is the association of Feinstein’s powerbroker husband Richard Blum with Facebook now that the social media giant wants to take the bank balances of millions of users of its platform—public.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., failed to disclose that her husband owned more than $100,000 in Facebook shares before Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified to the Senate in April, according to a new report Wednesday.

Feinstein didn’t disclose that her husband, the wealthy investment banker Richard Blum, bought between $100,000 and $250,000 of the social network’s shares before she gave her opening remarks during Zuckerberg’s April 10 testimony in the Senate, according to Sludge, a new investigative journalism startup which launched earlier this year. Feinstein was one of four senators to give opening remarks.

And how’s this for Feinstein rocketing lack of transparency to the hilt:
Feinstein’s office told investigative journalists at the newly-found that the senator doesn’t discuss her husband’s financial transactions with him.
Seems that a lot of political conveniences can be built into a 28-year-long marriage.

Back to the thankfully inquisitive Mercury News:
“The transaction was made by the senator’s spouse and was marked as such in the filing. It wasn’t made by the senator and she has no ownership or control over it,” Tom Mentzer, communications director for Feinstein’s office, said in an e-mailed statement. “The senator doesn’t discuss any of her husband’s business or financial decisions with him, so it in no way affected the hearing. All of the senator’s assets are in a blind trust, which was put in place when she joined the Senate. The transaction should have been reported earlier in the year, and a report was filed once the mistake was discovered.”

“Blum’s Facebook share ownership was disclosed by Feinstein’s office in a periodic transaction report on May 22, a whole month after the testimony, according to Sludge.

Unlike Feinstein, three members of Congress disclosed their ownership of Facebook stock before Zuckerberg’s testimony to the Senate and House of Representatives in April, ranging from $15,000 to $80,000, according to Roll Call.

During Zuckerberg’s Senate testimony, the Facebook CEO was accorded the kid glove treatment of a precocious child.  He was even given a cushion booster to deflect attention away from his noticeably short height.

During Zuckerberg’s Senate testimony, Feinstein focused on Facebook’s role in preventing foreign actors from interfering in U.S. elections.

Nothing changed after Zuckerberg’s testimony and Facebook only got worse, going on to ban conservatives like Diamond & Silk, and now permanently banning Alex Jones and InfoWars as “conspirators”.

Thanks to the green light given Zuckerberg by Congress, the social media giant is on its way to take bank balances public.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of chatter going the rounds that the Dems are trying to distance themselves from Feinstein ahead of November Midterms.

The damage to U.S. security already having been done for as long as 20 unnoticed years,  Feinstein should be forced to resign from public office.

Ditto for all progressives who supported the last 20 years of her spy-ridden tenure.

By Janet Varney

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