Saturday, August 11, 2018


Iraq and other nations are complying with Trump's sanctions on Iran.

Iraq, Other Nations Comply With Brutal US Sanctions On Iran

“We don’t support the sanctions because they are a strategic error, but we will comply with them,” he said.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday that he will comply with the renewed sanctions President Donald Trump slapped on Iran for continued efforts to break international law and build up its nuclear capabilities, according to Breitbart. One day prior to Iraq‘s major compliance announcement, a massive bank in Germany blocked a $400 million cash delivery to Iran, saying they will comply with U.S. sanctions.
Al-Abadi said he would reluctantly comply with renewed U.S. sanctions, despite Iran being its neighbor in the Middle East. Both Germany and Iraq adhering to Trump’s sanctions also comes after the president removed the U.S. from the Iranian Nuclear Deal. The president vowed to impose more stringent measures on Iran to force them to stop attempting to advance its nuclear capabilities.
“We don’t support the sanctions because they are a strategic error, but we will comply with them,” he said. “In general, sanctions are unjust.”
Iraq complying with the sanctions is particularly notable given that it is the second-largest importer of Iranian non-hydrocarbon products. In 2017, Iraq bought roughly $6 billion worth of goods from Iran.
Iraq has also been an ally to the U.S. in recent years and has played a central role in helping fight back against terror groups in the region. Iraq’s military has helped the U.S.-led coalition largely defeat the Islamic State terrorist group.
But Iraq also has connections to Iran where the two countries are deeply interwoven together with political affairs. While Iraq has ties to its eastern neighbor, al-Abadi admitted on Tuesday that he would comply with the reimposed sanctions and not work with Iran.
His comments came shortly after the Trump administration announced that it would be reactivating a round of unilateral sanctions against Iran that were lifted by the Obama administration in 2015 as part of the Nuclear Deal.
Following the announcement, Germany also barred Iran — who has used German financial institutions since 2015 — from accessing more than $400 million that Iran wants to receive in cash before the second round of U.S. sanctions hits Iran’s banking and energy sectors in November.
As noted by Conservative Daily Post, the nuclear deal that the Obama administration and Iran agreed to in 2015 reportedly allowed the regime to keep it’s nuclear resources intact while getting billions of dollars.
Experts have reported that the regime used a vast majority, if not all of the money, to bolster its missile and nuclear weaponry.
Several top officials have argued that had the Obama administration not given Iran just about everything it demanded during negotiations, Trump wouldn’t be forced to use aggressive measures now.
After numerous threats and efforts to bolster its nuclear capabilities, the Trump administration slapped Iran with sanctions that will cut off a vast majority of its funds.
The president said he is going to squeeze Iran financially until they stop carrying out dangerous actions. And it appears that Iraq, Germany, and other nations are fully complying.

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